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The Decline of the Gatekeepers

It appears that much of what the traditional institutions are doing is trying to hold back the tide of decentralization....

“The result is a negative feedback loop of rapidly increasingly inequality.”

We have seen the "status quo" attempting to solidify and centralize their levels of control by using the threat of Covid as a motivator. Millions are shocked at the rapidity that much of the liberal democratic world has descended into tyrannical medical policies supported by a mob of fearful citizens. This has left those who are generally skeptical of government confused, which has resulted in the proliferation of conspiracy theories to explain what the impetus could be for such a rapid seizure of power. Those who have not succumbed to conspiracy theories repeatedly whisper to each other "how could this happen?" or "who is behind this?" without any clarity on what is happening.

We are living through a period of rapid and unprecedented technological change. The internet is still young, we barely understand the impact of social media on society, the legacy media no longer has the same viewership or the influence. Meanwhile economic stagnation due to declining demographics, decreasing productivity, and the natural entitlement and laziness that wealth creates have created a sick economy that is being propped up by low interest rates and quantitative easing. The result is a negative feedback loop of rapidly increasing inequality fed by out of control inflation.

“The next stage will be the decentralization of the monetary system itself."

It appears to me that much of what the traditional institutions are doing is attempting to hold back the inevitable tide of decentralization. This is an overreaction to a clear decline in the power and influence of gatekeepers. The collective responses to Covid is not an inevitable march towards totalitarianism, but the death throes of modern gatekeepers. Never before in history has information been so accessible and transparency more possible. That is why propaganda has ramped up. The only way to maintain a corrupt system in a world of decentralized transparency is to pump so much false information into the system that it distracts from the inequality of the existing system.

This is not a decline. This is an evolution. Raising the spectre of death (through disease) is a last ditch attempt to recentralize power. It will not succeed in the long run because the genie is out of the bottle. Humanity has realized that we do not need gatekeepers. Democracy was the first breath of an idea, arguing that political competition and the “peaceful transition of power” provided a more stable system than tyrannical bloodlines. Capitalism was the adolescence of that same philosophy, arguing that decentralized economic decision making ultimately creates more overall wealth; the next stage will be the decentralization of the monetary system itself. The status quo fears competition. Peter Thiel says that “competition is bad for business” and the bureaucracies of the past relied on the state’s monopoly on violence, but that these monopolies on violence always relied on control over the monetary system. That control may be collapsing. It may be in our best interest that such a collapse occurs swiftly and ubiquitously.

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