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Zach Gerber & David Parker

Our Story...

Born in Vancouver and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, Zach Gerber is a 29 year old Canadian who is passionate about his country.  

Zach spent his twenties touring across the country with Canadian pop band Walk Off The Earth as an audio engineer and drum/guitar technician, which allowed him to experience the country in a way that few ever get the opportunity to do. 

Zach fell deeply in love with the intricacies and diversity of Canada throughout this process. Whether it is the fresh ocean air of Halifax, the bustling night life of Vancouver, or the breathtaking landscape of Lake Louise, Zach has a deep and profound connection to the land that is Canada.  

Zach, now residing in Woodstock, Ontario, spends his time helping bands create music. He is the owner of Skytrack Studios, a recording studio located in Cambridge.  In his spare time, he enjoys living out his passion for the land by hunting and fishing.

David Parker began his career as a political staffer which included serving as the Regional Advisor for the Prairies to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  His involvement in politics evolved into an organizational role where he eventually served as the National Director of Field Operations for Erin O’Toole’s successful campaign to be the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. 

During his time in politics, David learned the importance of narratives in the shaping of our national culture and identity. His entrance into podcasting began with a passion project called Really True Fiction that he co-hosts with his cousin Luke Mason. He founded The Canadian Story with his cousin Zach Gerber in order to build a platform where Canadians could highlight what they love about this country and what they would like to see it become.

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